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December 1, 2009

Where are we going?

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I’ve written on various economic and socio-political forums in the past under a variety of pseudonyms but I wanted to just start writing as myself. And it seems prudent to those reading me for the first time to get a sense of what I want to cover and perhaps why I wish to cover these things.

First and foremost to me is the question of where is our nation going? The more I learn about political systems, anthropology, economics, and world affairs, the more concerned I become. I believe that the world is facing a serious crisis in the economic sense but beyond that I believe that we face another crisis beyond economics that raises issues about how we are governed and how are lives are ordered.

Of particular concern to me is the rising tide of socialism that is sweeping the globe. This is not Leninist Communism but rather the “Social Democrats” of Europe, an extension of the Fabians of the early 2oth century. What concerns me immensely is that the entirety of the current economic crisis appears to have been wrought deliberately to (a) extract maximum wealth from the world’s middle class, and (b) to impoverish that middle class so that they will accept the “guiding hand” of socialism.

One book that I highly recommend everyone read is The Creature from Jekyll Island : A Second Look at the Federal Reserve by G. Edward Griffin. It reads like a political thriller but the quotes therein are taken directly from the men who planned and created the Federal Reserve, as well as having an impact upon the creation and organization of the United Nations, the World Bank, and the IMF.

Other books I highly recommend are Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jared Diamond, Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies by Jared Diamond, and The Collapse of Complex Societies (New Studies in Archaeology) by Joseph Tainter. These are excellent works that can help you get a handle on how societies have responded to crises in the past and why they responded in the manner in which they did.

Reading the above books and then studying where we are right now, both politically and economically, gives me great pause and causes me considerable worry, especially for my children and grandchildren. And when I see the constant assaults against our constitutional republic, I wonder at just what sort of world we are leaving for them. Right now I believe that we are going somewhere that none of us really wants to go. And I say this with the understanding that the Republicans under George Bush are just as much at fault as the Democrats under Barrack Obama. Neither party any longer appears to represent the interests of the common man, but instead focuses on the interests of the large corporations above all else. All that differs between the parties are which corporations they favor.

I hope to be able to write more often here and to put into words my thoughts and concerns about our world today.


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