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March 3, 2010

The “Final” Health Care Bill

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Ignoring for a moment whether I personally oppose or support such a thing, and ignoring the diatribes originating from both sides of the aisle, I am left rather curious. Given that Canada managed to describe their entire health care system in 19 pages of legislation, and that reportedly both Germany and Japan were able to describe their entire revised health care systems in a few dozen pages each, why does our health care bill have to run to thousands of pages?

Oh, I forgot – ours includes things like The Louisiana Purchase (2009). That’s why the entire bill runs thousands of pages, filled with pork spending which fools some damned fool back in the representative’s district that he’s “bringing jobs” to the district when all he’s done is rob Peter (somewhere else in the country) to pay Paul (in his district).

One of the other things that bothers me is that neither side has stopped to ever evaluate what worked for health care in other countries and what didn’t work and why. Before we decide to craft a system that is going to consume a sixth or more of our national wealth, shouldn’t we spend some time studying how others did it to see what we can learn and what mistakes we can avoid? But noooo… it’s not invented here so it gets ignored.

The current system cannot continue in the condition that it is in, this much is clear. But an entirely socialized system seems untenable given the cost of such a system coupled with our own ever deepening debt crisis. So where to? I often wonder if the root of this problem is not the lost standard of living that has afflicted the Unites States since US leaders (of both parties) have enthusiastically embraced the poison of “globalism”. We were warned nearly 20 years ago what the fruits of globalism would be and they have come to fruition almost exactly as foretold.

Perhaps it’s time to stop treating nations that engage in child labor, slave labor, and which have no environmental laws as equal trading partners. Perhaps it’s time to insist on a certain level of comparable behavior from our peers rather than allowing our own population to be devalued into the dust of global poverty.

Of course, then I wake up and realize that the best government that corporate money can buy will never, ever answer for those sorts of sins against the people of the United States.


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